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Dear Fandom Growth Exchange Writer or Artist,

Thank you for creating a fanwork for me! I have written some prompts and more generally about my likes, but feel free to mix and match, or to follow your own heart.

General likes for fic: fluff, banter or flirting, smut, darkfic, crack/humor, corruption. Obviously not all at the same time! I'm fine with AUs and fusions, and I think coffeeshop AUs are funny if that's your jam. :)

For smut: cock/breast worship, coming in pants, BDSM (more spontaneous than explicitly negotiated), loyalty kink, mind control, "this is wrong but it feels so good," sex addiction, xeno, a/b/o, body horror and/or transformations (tentacles and tentacle cocks always welcome), noncon/dubcon. I don't have a preference for who tops.

General likes for art: I'm pretty easy! I like one-panel gag cartoons or portraits that show the characters doing simple activities together (holding hands, eating, whatever smutty interaction takes your fancy). I enjoy black and white as well as full or limited color, line art as well as photorealism. If you have unusual stylization in mind, I'd love to see that.

I'm open to unusual formats like epistolary, 1st/2nd person, present tense, IF, pixel art, ASCII art, etc.

DNW: Major character death.

Fandoms: Corruption of Champions, Dragonlance, Machineries of Empire

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Dear Yulegoat,

Here is my letter if you like extra inspiration, but please feel free to follow your heart unless it comes to my DNWs. Thank you very much for writing for me!

AO3 name: tonepoem

General likes, in no particular order: complicated slow-build relationships, loyalty beyond the boundaries of sanity or good sense, worldbuilding. For smut I like m/m or f/m, BDSM, dubcon/noncon (preferably with psychological control rather than physical), exhibitionism.

Optional but perfectly fine: First or second person, present tense, IF, holidays (could be fun in Imperial Radch--the Genitalia Festival!--or Machineries; I celebrate Christmas but you could roll your own in those settings), canon-divergence AUs, crackfic.

DNWs: extreme violence, major character death (non-permanent death okay in Machineries, considering).

Fandom requests: Dragonlance (Raistlin Majere, Caramon Majere), Imperial Radch (Translator Zeiat), Machineries of Empire (Nirai Kujen, Shuos Jedao). Optional details behind cut.

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