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Dear Yulegoat,

Here is my letter if you like extra inspiration, but please feel free to follow your heart unless it comes to my DNWs. Thank you very much for writing for me!

AO3 name: tonepoem

General likes, in no particular order: complicated slow-build relationships, loyalty beyond the boundaries of sanity or good sense, worldbuilding. For smut I like m/m or f/m, BDSM, dubcon/noncon (preferably with psychological control rather than physical), exhibitionism.

Optional but perfectly fine: First or second person, present tense, IF, holidays (could be fun in Imperial Radch--the Genitalia Festival!--or Machineries; I celebrate Christmas but you could roll your own in those settings), canon-divergence AUs, crackfic.

DNWs: extreme violence, major character death (non-permanent death okay in Machineries, considering).

Fandom requests: Dragonlance (Raistlin Majere, Caramon Majere), Imperial Radch (Translator Zeiat), Machineries of Empire (Nirai Kujen, Shuos Jedao). Optional details behind cut.

Dragonlance - Margaret Weis & Tracy Hickman (Raistlin Majere, Caramon Majere)
I've always liked the uneasy relationship between Raistlin and Caramon--Caramon's unmeaning condescension and good heart, Raistlin's snappishness and intelligence and ambiguous intentions. My favorite trilogy was Legends, but the twins' adventures before meeting up with the other Companions are also good.

Optional prompts:

  • Adventure/casefic from when the twins started adventuring. We see hints of Raistlin's capacity for compassion not just in his treatment of Bupu in the Chronicles, but in "The Silken Threads"--what about a story that highlights that, in conjunction with Caramon's own kindness?

  • I'd love to see a story about the brothers that focuses on their similarities, despite the friction between them.

  • AU options: I loved Raistlin and Caramon's partnership as "Fistandantilus" and General Caramon. What about a past in which they continue down that path, and change history? With possible bonus redemption? Or what if Caramon chose to follow Raistlin into darkness at the end of The Dragons of Spring Dawning?

Imperial Radch (Translator Zeiat)
I enjoyed so much about this trilogy, from the different kinds of sapiences to the clashes of cultures and the humor. I also love the worldbuilding and have so many questions about the Presger--if you wanted to speculate wildly about Presger society, that would be A-okay by me. Zeiat was one of my favorite characters in the trilogy, so you can't go wrong here.

Please use canon-typical pronouns for this fandom. Thank you!

Optional prompts:

  • More of the game between Zeiat and Sphene (or anyone else Zeiat can get to sit still for a match). Does it involve eating more random things? Maybe Zeiat and Sphene have the craziest game design and/or food discussions? Who knows?

  • How do Translators understand sex, if at all? Zeiat trying to make sense of Radch erotica, possibly with the help of some of the other characters? (Feel free to make the erotica any kind for this prompt, not just m/m or f/m, given the setting.)

  • Does Zeiat report back to the Presger? A letter home describing her impressions of what's going on either during Ancillary Mercy or post-canon could be fun.

Machineries of Empire (Nirai Kujen, Shuos Jedao)
I'm here for messed-up Kujen/Jedao, the more messed-up and codependent the better. If you want to tap-dance over the whole ghost thing and/or AU the end of Ninefox Gambit and give present-day Jedao a body all to himself for slashing purposes, be my guest.

Optional prompts:

  • Plotty darkfic (with or without smut) in which Kujen corrupts Jedao--who are we kidding, Jedao is most of the way there already. An emperor/dark champion arrangement maybe? Or maybe Jedao is just faking it? Or that's what he tells himself? You decide.

  • Kujen/Jedao backstory--we have the flashback where they team up, but what happens right after Jedao swears allegiance to Kujen?

  • Crack prompts: Kujen, Jedao, and strip poker (jeng-zai?). Kujen and/or Jedao swapping in and out of bodies could make for some interesting smut. I am specifically okay with one of those bodies not necessarily being male. Or Jedao as Kujen's pleasure slave--he's centuries old, how else is he going to pass the time between blowing things up?


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